52 week project: An Encounter with Trees

This 52 week project on trees is a joint venture between myself and my friend, Larry Monzcka, Raraavis Fine Art Photography. Aside from their enormous positive impact on the environment, trees provide wonderful esthetic value and have great potential as photographic subjects. We intend to photographically explore trees without any limitations or restrictions, except for those imposed by our own creative vision and imaginations. Each of us will post an image to our respective websites every Friday, for one year. It will be interesting to see how our approaches and handling of the same subject will play out, and a lot of fun for us to see each other's efforts.
We plan to self-publish a book of our favourite images at the completion of the project.

To see Larry's images for his Tree Portfolio, click here.

To see my other new additions to this website, please click here to see my "52 week Synthesis Project" and here for other new works.
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