52 week project: Colour

My friend Larry Monczka Raraavis Fine Art Photography and I are collaborating on another project, and for the next year we will be exploring various aspects of the use of colour in our photographs. Every week each of us will post an image, and as we did in our last project, An Encounter with Trees , these will be linked to each other's websites. Our approach will be structured as we rotate biweekly between making photographs that display different types of colour; bold, intense colours; colours that are lively and bright but less saturated; subtle, gentle pastels; colours that are neutral, and images that are comprised of a single hue. At the end of the project we will self publish a book of our favourite images.

This project should be challenging and fun, and we hope you enjoy following our progress.

Our first project on trees is completed, and soon we will begin working on a self published book of our favourite images from it. We will make an announcement when it is ready for viewing.
week 52: Bright, bold colour
week 51: Bright, bold colour
week 50: mostly one colour
week 49: mostly one colour
week 48: mostly neutral
WEEK 47: mostly neutral
week 46: muted, subtle colour
WEEK 45, quiet, muted, colour
week 44: Lively colour
week 43: Lively colour
week 42: bright and bold
week 41: Bold and Bright
week 40: mostly one colour
week 39: mostly one colour
week 38: Mostly neutral
week 37: Mostly neutral
week 36: quiet, muted colour
week 35: quiet, muted colour
week 34: lively colour
week 33: Lively colour
week 32: Bold, bright colour
WEEK 31: bold and bright
week 30: mostly one colour
week 29: mostly one colour
week 28: mostly neutral
week 27: mostly neutral
week 26 : quiet, muted colour
week 25: quiet, muted colour
week 24: lively colour
wee 23: Lively colour
week 22 :Bold and bright
week 21: Bold and Bright
week 20: mostly one colour
week 19: mostly one colour
week 18: mostly neutral
week 17: mostly neutral
week 16: Quiet, muted colour
week 15: Quiet, muted colour
week 14: Lively colour
week 13: Lively colour
week 12: Bold and Bright
week 11: Bold and bright
week 10: mostly one colour
week 9: mostly one colour
week 8: Mostly neutral
week 7: mostly neutral colour
week 6: quiet, muted colour
week 5: Quiet, muted colour
week 4: lively colour
week 3: lively colour
week 2: Bold and bright
week 1: bold and bright